Basturma (Cured Beef)

-- min


4 people


  • Beef - 2 kg
  • Salt - 1-2 kg
  • AllSpiceWorld seasoning “For basturma” - 4 servings

Method of preparation

Divide the meat into 4 equal cubes.

Put the meat in a bowl and cover it completely with salt so that the meat is not visible. Refrigerate for 5 days, once a day the meat needs to be turned over.

On the 6th day, rinse the meat under running water to clean from salt. Pour water and set the meat aside for 3 hours, changing water every hour.

Dry the meat with a paper towel, wrap it in a cotton cloth and put under the press for 4 days. To make a press, you can use 2 plates of thick plywood or chipboard. Put the meat between them and press it with a load (for example, a bucket of water). Dry and wrap meat every day with a dry cloth.

After the press, pierce the meat with wooden skewers, attach wires to the skewers, which will be used to hang the meat in a dry room, covered with a cheesecloth. Dry for 5 days.

On the 4th day in the evening make a spice coating for basturma: for that dissolve spieces in boiled water to a state of thick sour cream. Pour in water gradually, stirring. Cover with the lid and refrigerate overnight for swelling.

The next day, using a brush, spread evenly the spice coat over the meat and leave to dry with spices for another week.

So, 3 weeks have passed - the basturma is prepared.

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