Coffee In Yemen

5 min


1 people


  • Water - 60 ml
  • Sugar - ½ tsp (optional)
  • Ground Mocha (or husk from Mocha) - 1 heaping teaspoon 
  • ASW seasoning "For Yemeni coffee" - 1 g (one pinch)

Method of preparation

In the preparation of Yemeni coffee, instead of ground coffee grounds, we use coffee husks. It should be noted that not every husk of coffee beans is suitable. For Yemeni coffee, you need to use the husk of “Mocha” coffee, as it contains a large amount of caffeine and has good taste.

Another important ingredient in a Yemeni coffee recipe is cardamom, which is part of the seasoning “For Yemeni coffee” and is added to taste.

Yemeni coffee is brewed in the traditional way.

To make coffee in a Turkish coffee pot, pour coffee into a warmed pot, add seasoning “For Yemeni coffee” and sugar, then stir it.

Pour some cold water into coffee, stir again and put it on a low heat. When the foam starts to rise and almost reaches the rim of the pot, remove the coffee for several seconds from the heat, waiting for the foam to drop. Return the coffee pot to the stovetop and repeat the procedure for 2 more times, each time allowing the foam to rise, but not allowing it to boil over, and do NOT bring coffee to a boil. When the coffee is brewed, add a few drops of cold water to the coffee pot for grounds to settle on the bottom.

Bon Appetit!

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