Omelet Poulard

20 min


2 people


    • Eggs - 3-4 pcs.
    • Milk (cream) - 3-4 tbsp.
    • ASW seasoning “For omelet” - ½ tsp.
    • Butter - 1 slice
    • Salt
    • Greens for sprinkle

    Method of preparation

    Separate the white from the yolks.

    Whisk the yolks with several tablespoons of milk (or cream), add ½ teaspoon of "For omelet" seasonings and a pinch of salt (to taste).

    Put the pan on medium heat. If the pan is non-stick, then you can skip greasing or melt a piece of butter.

    Pour the yolks and spread them over the entire surface of the pan.

    Immediately beat the whites to stiff peaks (add a pinch of salt).

    When the yolks are set, put whipped whites on top of them, level them with a spatula. Reduce heat to low and cook for 7-10 minutes. It is not necessary to cover with a lid.

    Readiness can be checked by touching the surface with a finger. Whites should be elastic and should not stick to your fingers.

    Carefully remove the omelet and transfer to a board or plate. Cut in half and serve with whites inside.

    Sprinkle with fresh greens on top.

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